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Spider-Man: Homecoming and Writing

Well, you kind of knew this was coming, right? Sure you did. In keeping in line with my theme, here is my take on the superhero movie and its writing particularly. Read More »

Netflix Iron Fist and Writing

Netflix has released the fourth installment in their Marvel Knight Defenders series. I have seen all 13 episodes. Here is my take. Read More »

R.I.U. - The Creation of a Universe

What is happening before your eyes is the creation of a universe. Read More »


Superheroes: Fantasy or Science Fiction?

I’m a superhero fan. I’ll be a superhero fan until the day I die. That love has filtered over into the kind of stories I love to create. Superheroes, however, pose a unique problem because it’s not strictly science fiction and it’s not strictly fantasy. As a writer, how do you categorize where you’ll list it on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and the rest of the online book distributors? This has always been a problem for those who write in the area of superheroes. I explain at length in this post.

Book Release: The Forest

Wow. Time really does fly.

It’s been two weeks since my last post. Doesn’t mean I wanted to neglect you guys. I have been busy. This post pretty much proves that as today is the day for the re-release of the second book in The Dark Corner series, The Forest. In this post, I give you a glimpse on what’s been going on behind the scenes at RIU central and what you can expect to see in the coming months. So come on in.

Going Beyond the Story: Creating a Universe

There are myriad kinds of fiction writers in the world today. All kinds of stories are being written for the enjoyment and ponderment of the masses. Out of all those different kinds of writers, I’m of the opinion that those in the area of science fiction and fantasy — and their many offspring — have more work to do then that of their counterparts in say romance or crime thrillers.

The latter have their stories take place in the real world and much of what we see in those stories are extrapolated from reality through their research (if they’re good). It’s different for the science fiction and fantasy writer. For them, new worlds have to be created. If not new worlds then the changes in the real world have to be created. In short, takes a lot of creativity to be a science fiction or fantasy writer and much of that creativity is setting in the story. There is a lot of work involved behind the scenes before the story is ever written.

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